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Welcome to Underworld Battalion.

About [WvW]
As can be derived from our tag, [WvW] is a WvW oriented guild. We actively participate in the Gandara WvW scene, where we are one of guilds well-known for their WvW prowess. We strive for quality in a healthily laidback environment. Every week we organize frequent guild operations in WvW in which we generally acquire an amount of 15-25 members to roam the maps with and seek for glorifying fights.

Requiring TeamSpeak (no microphone expected, however it would be appreciated) during our guild operations and asking for attendance during these events might give the impression that we are a hardcore WvW guild. However I can assure you that we are not completely hardcore. The importance of enjoying the game is evidently present in the general atmosphere of the guild. Furthermore the attendance rule only applies to people who are actually able to make it there. However, we do expect representation of the guild at any time!

Our Target Audience
Lately we have experienced low numbers in the backline of our forces, so the focus point in terms of recruiting professions would be Necromancer. Main recruitment otherwise is focused on Warriors and Guardians, which we could use more of. However, we warmly welcome any other profession. There are always people willing to swap between their characters, making this no issue at all. We expect you to behave vaguely mature and take/give feedback politely. Perhaps of even greater importance is that you have humor.

Guild Operations
As mentioned before we take part in WvW with our guild fairly often; Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday being our main event days. Usually we run around with a solid frontline carefully considering party compositions. We do not restrict anyone to only play a certain profession but may or may not be asking if a swap is possible.
These guild operations are generally led by our incredible guild leader Ezekiel The Paladin, who oftentimes leads us to great victories or painful but hilarious cliff jumps.
One of our main weaknesses to work on is the fact there is currently no one to take over Ezekiel may he yield or disconnect during a fight. As such we are always on the lookout for potential Raid Leaders.
We attempt to reflect on our guilds’ drawbacks and solve or improve any issue we located.

Drama being a big no-no to us and status and giggles being of great importance, we believe it will be both in your and our interest to have you join us. So don’t hesitate and apply now by either posting an application here. For further information please contact any of the following officers.

Contacts: Ezekiel The Paladin, Lina Arafna, Riselight, Neckro Mantic and the Guild Hat Wearer Extraordinaire, Armenthos.

Recruitment Status: Closed - Exceptional applications may still be considered.

New members, please introduce yourselves here.
Looking to join? Please fill out an application form or contact us in-game.

Current News
We are collecting for our Guild Operations Build Index.
Check out the Recruitment Guidelines thread.
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